All About Sunless Spray Tan


DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) Barrier Prep Application
Say goodbye to over-darkening of cuticles, knees, elbows, hands, feet, and other dry areas.  This application provides a perfect color blend around areas that tend to over-tan.

pH Balancing Treatment
Think of it as a base coat for color.  This treatment primes, gently exfoliates, and hydrates your skin prior to the Sunless Bronzing Treatment while simultaneously adjusts the skin’s natural pH levels – resulting in a deeper, more realistic and richer color.

Sunless Bronzing Treatment
Using an exclusive Insta-Bronze streak free blend for a natural looking, longer lasting color.  Along with natural odor neutralizers, this treatment will leave you golden and glowing with a clean and fresh scent both during and after application.

Moisturizing Post Bronzing Treatment
The perfect finish to the perfect sunless tan – this treatment seals the instant bronze color with intense moisture to replenish and hydrate your freshly tanned skin – enhancing and maintaining tanning results and longevity.

Disposable Spray Tan Kit
Includes:  –  Wipes     –  Foam Feet Protectors     –  G-String/Thong     –  Elastic Bra     –  Body Stickers     –  Hair Cap


To prepare for a spray tanning session:
On the night before or the morning of your tanning session, shower using mild, non-moisturizing gel soap if possible.  Exfoliating with products specifically designed for spray tanning is most effective.  Do not apply moisturizers, lotions, makeup, or deodorants.  We also offer sunless preparation exfoliating body wipes for this purpose as well.

What to wear to a spray tanning session:
Loose fitting clothing is most appropriate for a spray tanning session.  Flip flops or sandals in the warmer months are recommended rather than shoes and socks.  During the session, a swimsuit or dark undergarments can be worn however disposable undergarments are available for your convenience.  Tanning solution washes out of most fabrics, but some can stain such as Nylon, Lycra, Spandex, silk, and wool.

When to shower after a spray tan:
For best results, allow 8-12 hours after your spray tanning session before showering.  This ensures enough time for the tanning solution to react with your skin.

How long a spray tan lasts:
Just like a typical tan from the sun, a spray tan normally lasts from 4-12 days, depending on how well you maintain the tan.  Moisturizing daily and using moisturizing tan extenders can result in longer lasting color for up to two weeks.