Happy 2014! A New Year, A New YOU – Take the Resolution Challenge!

Happy New Year!

We’ve compiled 14 Beauty Resolutions that we promise you won’t regret following – complete all 14 and you’ll thank yourself later.

1. Take off your makeup every single night. Cleanse your face on a daily basis to keep a clear complexion.
2. Wear SPF everyday. Help prevent aging and sunburns all year round using a moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen.
3. Moisturize. Help treat, prevent dry skin, and create a barrier to prevent oils from escaping.
4. Try something different. Try a beauty dare once a month, take a hair color risk, try that new lip color you’ve always wanted.
5. Exfoliate. Get rid of the grime that builds up, no thanks to products and the environment.
6. Stay hydrated. Radiate from within, drink water!  When you think you can’t drink anymore, drink some more!
7. Get rid of old makeup. Recycle or purge your old makeup. Rule of thumb is to get rid of mascara every six months.
8. Clean your makeup brushes weekly. Buildup can lead to breakouts or infections.
9. Experiment with new trends. Try adding a new color or accessory to instantly transform any outfit.
10. Use eye cream. It’s never too late to help fight signs of aging.
11. Maintain your eyebrows. They’re the high points of your face – without clean brows great makeup can end up looking messy.
12. Wear blush. Rosy cheeks are just the pick-me-up your complexion needs.
13. Beauty sleep. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to help look rejuvenated.
14. Think positive. Embrace what your mama gave you – nothing is sexier than confidence.

Have a very Happy 2014!  We look forward to serving you for many years to come!