Airbrush Makeup Now Available at Kayana


Kayana is proud to present airbrush makeup – known to be the most flawless makeup application in the industry – providing you with a fresh, light, visibly seamless look and feel.  If you’ve never experienced it before, get ready to fall in love.  All of our makeup artistry services are applied with the airbrush method.

Ideally an evenly toned face is what we try to accomplish, and with airbrush makeup it is made to look much more even on the surface of the skin.  When using brushes and sponges they leave blotches and brush strokes, however using a airbrush machine applies the perfect amount of makeup and leaves an even and flawless result.

Kayana uses M.A.C water based makeup when applying airbrush makeup which does not block up any of your skin’s pores and leaves a matte finish instead of an oily shimmer afterwards. Our professional makeup artists Prep and Prime your face both before and after to ensure your airbrush makeup is long lasting usually up to 16-20 hours.

Airbrush makeup, once it is applied is a flawless look leaving you looking at your best. Soon coming to Kayana Beauty Trends: M.A.C Pro Performance High Definition Airbrush Makeup!