Founder – Airbrush Makeup Artist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kay has been immersed in a lifestyle of fashion, beauty, and of course, the celebrity buzz her entire life. Her love for makeup artistry started at a very young age, and was strengthened with formal education and training at one of the most prestigious makeup artistry academies in Los Angeles.

As Kay’s professional portfolio quickly started growing, she put in motion a simple idea and founded Kayana Beauty Trends in 2006, a company providing red carpet quality makeup, hair, and spray tanning services. Kay’s big breakthrough was publication in Inside Fitness Magazine’s first Hot and Fit 100 issue, and it undoubtedly wasn’t the only issue. In addition to her work contributing to Inside Fitness Mag and every one of it’s Hot and Fit 100 issues, Kay’s work continues to be seen in publications such as Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, Physique Mag, Urban Male Magazine (UMM), and most recently the television show, Canada’s Got Talent.

As a Certified Makeup Artistry Instructor at some of the top schools in Toronto, Kay’s method of teaching has had a significant influence on today’s aspiring makeup artists. She teaches her students to do what makes sense and simplify so they can save their energy for what’s really important – the artistry of makeup.

While Kay continues to expand her passion as well as skills and experience, there is nothing more rewarding to her than to make others feel their best. “Unlike most things in life, beauty isn’t something you have to see to believe – you must believe it to see it. My goal is to make every woman (and some men) a believer,” she says, smiling.

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