Makeup Artist

Being formally nurtured and trained in visual arts since she was a little girl, it’s no wonder Julia is naturally talented every time there’s a pencil or a brush in her hand. With a stacked background in fine arts and fashion design, the art of makeup is no stranger at all to Julia as she simply has the ‘artistic touch.’

Since joining Kayana Beauty Trends, Julia has had the opportunity to be creative and glam up wedding parties, fitness competitors, and those who simply want to look their best for a special event. She works to improve on emphasizing and enhancing her clients’ natural beauty, approaching each individual with compassionate care and an eye for detail.

“No matter how many detours life has thrown at me, I always find myself loving to do anything creative,” Julia says as she continues to pursue her passion for the arts. Makeup Artistry is one of the many skillsets Julia possesses and aims to perfect as part of the team here at Kayana Beauty Trends.

Julia Makeup Artist Kayana Beauty Trends