Hair Artist

As a child, when Erika was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” her answer was, “a hairstylist.”  She had a passion, a passion turned into a plan, and a plan this University of Waterloo Bachelor of Fine Arts and Aveda Academy graduate pursued in spades into a present day thriving career specializing in cutting and coloring, upstyling and avant-garde designs.

Having won several awards at prestigious competitions held by Aveda, Contessa, and Salon Magazine just to name a few, Erika believes there is always something new out there to learn and continues to push herself beyond limits by traveling annually to Japan to train with the director of Aveda, Masa Honda.  Erika’s experience far surpasses that of just a hairstylist as she also directs and organizes photoshoots for corporate and private events all throughout the city taking the role of artist lead to one of the finest salon chains in Toronto.

Erika is inspired and takes to heart Albert Einstein’s quote, “you never fail until you stop trying’ by continually refining her skillsets and discovering new techniques on a daily basis.  As a part of Kayana Beauty Trends, Erika demonstrates top quality customer service by listening to her clients and ensuring their complete satisfaction, all the while learning from and being inspired by her talented colleagues on the team.