What We’re About

Airbrush Makeup Artistry, Hairstyling, and Sunless Spray Tanning

We love it, live it, breathe it.  Founded in the heart of Los Angeles, California, celebrity capital of the world, it is in our nature to understand the need for Red Carpet Quality services – whatever the occasion may be.  It is not just about being beautiful, it’s about the respect for beauty and glamor as the form of art it truly is, and we get that.

Making it across North America, we have graciously served our labor of love to Toronto, Ontario, Canada since 2006.  With the remarkable cultural diversity Toronto offers, we have been blessed with the experience of serving a wide array of ethnic backgrounds, including yours.

Let us provide you with an experience you will never forget, the most beautiful you that you’ve ever been.  Yes, we’re just as excited as you are.

PS – Kayana is pronounced “kay-ana,” we knew you were wondering.

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